Purchasing or selling of properties is just an achievement for individuals and a business for many persons and companies. Possibilities are always there of getting cheated or falling in tussle. It has been a difficult job to identify genuine parties and documents. Innocent people spend many sleepless nights when they intend to buy or sell a property. Whether it is big or small, our earned money should not go waste and it should be converted as earning money in or future.

Are you worried about reliability of parties to buy or sell a property? Do you have any properties including commercial/residential buildings, Non-Agree (NA) sites and agriculture lands? Or would you like to buy them from others. Are you clueless about Do’s and Don’t’s of real estate industry? Just feel free. We offer you stress-free services by taking care of integrity of parties. As we extend our services only with reliable persons, companies or organizations, there is space for cheating or losing money. We are also concerned about authenticity of documents related to asset. We have a panel of experts who are thorough in legal aspects of properties. We do study on documents in detail and verify their authenticity. However, our property services is restricted to Bengaluru city and surrounding areas.


Now a days, no business or product can run without publicity. But what is the use, if one spends lakh of rupees for media of publicity through which he or she cannot reach his target audience or readers? What is the use if your product/service is best but way of presentation is not effective in public domain? So response oriented publicity is required for all commercial activities. Having a vast experience in media, we know which media is better for which product or service. We know pulses of consumers as well as service providers. We have large networks of print media, radio channels and TV channels. We also help our clients in production by giving technical assistance, preparing script, voice, preparing attractive designs for advertisements.


Borrowing loan has been integral part of human being. Whether it is poor or rich, everyone has to opt loan at any point of life. Taking loan is not a sign of helplessness but it is step to move forward financially in life. Though we pay interest for loan obtained, we need to make profit by the same. If we are cautious enough while choosing loan sanctioning authorities, we can maintain distance from possible hurdles like losing property, respect at the society. Considering this fact, we never suggest our clients to go to private persons where there is possibility of paying hefty amount in the form of simple or compound interest. Our consultation on finance is expanded to meet needs like buying property, investing in real estate, children’s education, marriage, health hazards, going abroad or any need. We suggest our clients to prefer nationalized banks, private banks and registered financial institutions that offer hassle-free services to customers. We sensitize our clients about comparative interest rates, bank’s facilities, discounts, available insurance for loans like housing and vehicle loans etc. We also share our advice on how to repay installments to close loan accounts and how to maintain good rapport with banks.